A curious ‘Ripple’ of an announcement involving Tunstall Americas

[grow_thumb image=”https://telecareaware.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/ripplenetwork_5890862790fc7.jpg” thumb_width=”300″ /] A startup company in the US, Ripple Network Technologies, announced on 31 January its Kickstarter campaign for what appears to be a small, stylish personal safety device styled like a small metal lock or locket. The release states that “Ripple users can discreetly signal their monitoring team for help with the click of a penny-sized Bluetooth wearable, designed by the creators of 360fly and Misfit Shine” that connects to a smartphone. One of the features is that there’s a partnership with Tunstall Americas to provide that 24/7 monitoring, with an extensive quote from CEO/president Casey Pittock.

It’s clearly aimed at a younger market than typical for PERS, concerned with stylish safety in ‘lone’ situations and not with ‘falling and I can’t get up’. The stated Kickstarter price is also appealing: $129 for the standard sensor, $199 for a specially designed sterling locket style, both inclusive of one year of monitoring service. Release is scheduled for April.

Despite this announcement, the Kickstarter site is not up yet. The Ripple website has a flashy animation homepage without detail, found only through their LinkedIn company page which also is bereft of details. Other than the release pickup on ReadItQuik.com, this Editor cannot locate the release on the standard PR release sites such as Business Wire or PRWeb. (The Tunstall Americas website has not been updated for news since last August.) A curious start indeed.

Update: Ripple’s communications director in the Comments has supplied the Kickstarter link which went live on 1 Feb, and is here. The website now has an Order Now button which links to the Kickstarter page. Key features: click once to receive a call from the monitoring center, or click 3 times or more to summon emergency help or a call per your profile setup. A potential drawback: no two-way communication except via phone and the BTE connection, which if you are separated from it (for instance, your purse is stolen), the system won’t work.

The requested raise is $50,000 by 3 March. PRNewswire release.

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  1. Hi Donna,

    My name is Sky Gillespie and I work with Ripple Network Technologies as the Director of Digital Communications. The release on Read IT Quik came out prior to our launch. We are now live on Kickstarter and would appreciate you updating your page to include our Kickstarter link to drive traffic straight to the page! We value you covering our story and apologize for the inconvenience. The link is provided here: http://kck.st/2jyVINN

    Also, I would be happy to send over additional press materials if you are interested!


  2. Donna Cusano

    Hi Sky,
    It’s not an inconvenience from a news viewpoint, as I covered it anyway, but you should know that I picked up the ReadItQuik article on my usual Google Alert, as I suspect hundreds, maybe thousands of others, did.

    As a marketer and communicator by profession (see my bio), I can appreciate the moving parts of a rollout, having planned and executed quite a few. The key is to have everything in place and debugged before your releases hit the internet.

    I’ve updated the article above with your information. Good luck with your Kickstarter raise!

  3. Donna Cusano

    Ruth, you are right to point out the similarity. However, there is a big difference in the size and the design. I like the 1-2-3 alert escalation simplicity and the GPS tracking. However, not having a live call center link has its drawbacks in a real, live emergency. And it has the same drawback for women if you are separated from your purse, which is where most keep their phones.