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Diabetes management: the Next Big Health Tech Thing?

...tests its hybrid closed loop automated glucose control system. Like Medtronic’s, it does require patient input. Similar entries are being developed by Bigfoot Medical and Beta Bionics. There’s also WellDoc (the mobile side with BlueStar) and J&J’s Lifescan (the device side) in Type II diabetes. Earlier this year they announced their collaboration, facilitated by WellDoc receiving in March $29.5 million Series B financing from J&J Innovations and Samsung Ventures. Release Your Editor is sure there are missed investments and more to come, but bets that diabetes and behavior management are already the Next Big Thing. To come? Making them pay.... Continue Reading

Two telemedicine clinics open in Kenya

...HIT Consultant. The clinics, based at the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi and the Machakos Level 5 Hospital in Machakos, will provide patients in remote areas the ability to consult cancer specialists at the Kenyatta Hospital using video conferencing. Both hospitals are state run hospitals and the telemedicine service is being funded by Merck, the international pharmaceutical company. Merck recently acquired remote cardiac monitoring company eCardio shortly before eCardio merged with remote monitoring device maker Preventice. Previously we reported that Merck invested heavily in WellDoc when WellDoc raised $20m of funding. Read more about the Merck project in Kenya here.... Continue Reading

Ford disconnects research on heart attack-sensing car seat

...danger of shutting down a car while driving were insurmountable. No tears though…. In-car health monitoring has roundly lived up to our Quantum of Dismay. Ford’s first efforts exactly four years ago were hoopla around ‘the car that cares’ (a limp update on the equally limp late 1960s Ford US slogan in our lede). Multiple announcements over a year trumpeted Ford SYNC AppLink with diabetic, pulse and stress apps from WellDoc, Medtronic, SDI [TTA 19 May 11] and a year later IMS Health’s AllergyAlert [TTA 7 Aug 12]. Yet take a look at Ford US’ SYNC3 page today–devoid of health... Continue Reading

‘Separating the wheat from the chaff’ in medical apps daunting: JAMA

...the stated intentions of SocialWellth which purchased Happtique. The reality is that the numbers are against it–IMS Health in their study estimated 40,000 medical apps–in 2013. For apps that want to take the high road, it’s economically difficult, but could be rewarding in the long term. The WellDoc BlueStar diabetes tracking and management support app did with FDA clearance and prescription-only use, but few so far can see a revenue model there. Also MedCityNews. Intended use determines degree of health app regulation–and also how you communicate your attributes and performance claims. Bradley Merrill Thompson, who performs an invaluable service by... Continue Reading

Wearables blog – update

Since this editors’ piece on wearables four days ago there has been a stream of news about interoperability of various apps, resulting in frequent updates to the original blog, to the point where it was beginning no longer to resemble the original. Chris Bergstrom of WellDoc has now kindly pointed me to the Mobihealthnews item on Samsung’s digital health partners announcement, and to his company’s specific interoperability announcement with Samsung, enabling activity and other data to be obtained from other Android apps to help those with diabetes to manage their condition better. WellDoc of course developed the first prescription app... Continue Reading

Eye feels the pain of Google’s Brin and Page is ‘a painful business to be in’ (SFGate) Mobihealthnews covers their true confessions, with an interesting veer off in the final third of the article to Mr Khosla’s view of’s surprising pilot with Kaiser and then to WellDoc’s Bluestar diabetes therapy app–the only one that is 510(k)Class II and registered as a pharmaceutical product [TTA 10 Jan]. Also interesting re the Googlers’ mindset is a SFGate blog piece on Larry Page’s attitudes towards leisure and work in a Keynes-redux ‘vision of the future‘. < work + > people may= >leisure, but certainly<<<$£€¥ for even the well-educated and managerial!... Continue Reading

Dr. Topol in the AT&T house: a reboot of ForHealth?

HIMSS14 will tell. The big news that kicked off this snow-bound week in large parts of the US was Dr. Eric Topol joining Dallas, Texas-based AT&T ForHealth as Chief Medical Advisor. Well-known for his personality and evangelism of all things mHealthy, certainly Dr. Topol lends a certain star power to Big Blue’s efforts in this area–a shine that went completely dark in 2013 after a promising start in 2011 and strong partnering moves in 2012 (Alere and WellDoc diabetes management TTA 10 Aug 12; VRI monitoring in May). The quietude of 2013 deserves a closer look. Dr. Geeta Nayyar joined... Continue Reading

Telecare – time to lose the last “e”?

...any support for this view was needed, the telehealth news from the flat earth society of a recent survey of GPs conforms it may yet be a while. It’s therefore reassuring to see that technology is rapidly creating a version of telecare without the final “e”. Following on from our report earlier this year about Ford & Welldoc, this short, excellent, video from the BBC points to all manner of goodies for car drivers as Apple and Google line up with different car manufacturers to offer a range of in-car apps. As Prof Mike Short (who kindly alerted me to... Continue Reading

The CES of Health (Friday)

...Their classifying wearables into Notifiers, Trackers and Glasses is a useful discipline and their excellent point about devices throwing in different types of monitoring because it’s cheap and they can is a thought to hold. Everyone seems to be getting into the act (thank you Jimmy Durante)–and is leading to a lot of ‘me-too’ until this market sorts out in Many, many small steps. [grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”195″ /]Whip up those treats, hang the calories and sugar (diet/burn ’em off with WellDoc or Pebble) with 3D Systems’ ChefJet and ChefJetPro. No plastic here–sugar and water base, flavorings like chocolate and sour... Continue Reading

WellDoc raises $20 million from Merck, others

...leading up to the Series A. With this under the belt, Mr. Sysko now welcomes further investment. Forbes, Dow Jones VentureWire Previously in TTA: We’ve been alert to WellDoc since the 2009 Connected Health Symposium–which demonstrates how long their development process has been even with FDA approval in 2010 (a message to the ‘develop fast and get out’ crowd). What is notable are their many partnerships, including Ford Motor, AT&T ForHealth, Alere and others just during 2012-13: Ford and WellDoc give a new meaning to mobile health (US), Alere, WellDoc, AT&T ForHealth deliver diabetes management (US), more coverage here.  ... Continue Reading