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Weekend reading: 23andMe’s exploding plastic inevitable fate–and what might have been

...customers ‘one and done’ testing, not subscribing to additional services, and unsubscribing from any further data use. They saw nothing attractive or useful in the other services. Then as a member to be hacked and blamed for it? That is a run, do not walk, to the exit. Chapter 7s are usually forced situations where there is little value left in the company other than intellectual property (as in Pear) and equipment (if applicable), zero confidence in management and product delivery (Olive AI), withdrawal of key client business, collapsing in a heap of litigation (Theranos), and any of the above... Continue Reading

23andMe data breach may have targeted those of Jewish and Chinese heritage; company valuation crashes (updated)

...Anne Wojcicki’s stock has supervoting privileges which means she effectively controls the company, not the shareholders. Both Ancestry (remember them?) and 23andMe had ups and downs from 2015 but the hype, especially after the Theranos implosion that year, was stunning. Genetics became The Next Big Thing That Would Save Health Tech. The large flaw–the market for genetic testing for ancestry and/or health is a ‘one and done’, which TTA predicted back in 2020 and earlier. Wojcicki guessed early on that a revenue model lay in selling de-identified genetic information to pharma. But their five-year exclusive deal with GSK ended last... Continue Reading

‘The Simpsons’ takes on Theranos (by another name, glub glub)

Everyone into the ‘LifeBoat’! Episode #754 of the long-running (35 seasons!) series ‘The Simpsons’ is a complete send-up of The Theranos Story in 22 minutes. This episode, which aired in the US on 29 October, transmutes Elizabeth Holmes into Persephone Odair, the young college dropout creator of a can-sized device that converts salt water to drinkable fresh water. The retrospective documentary and ‘news stories’ framing the tale trace Persephone’s and LifeBoat’s rise to fame and riches, then their fall. Set in SimpsonsWorld, the chief financier is the owner of the local nuclear plant, the zillionaire Montgomery Burns, whom she marries.... Continue Reading

Some final words on Olive AI–what can we learn from its failure? (updated)

“To the extent Olive might have sold something, they didn’t deliver – otherwise they’d still be in business.”–Emily Evans, managing director, Hedgeye Risk Management (quoted in Columbus Business Review) Seeing this article on how Olive AI ‘ran out of time and money’ in Becker’s Hospital Review, this Editor hoped that it would be a final word, a summing up of what was likened to the seismic equivalent of Theranos’ failure in the health IT and ‘changing healthcare’ space. It wasn’t, but a terse summary of a very long article in Columbus Business Journal–Columbus, Ohio being their headquarters city. It’s a... Continue Reading

Breaking: Walgreens lays off 5% of corporate staff; chief medical officer, chief of staff for CEO to depart (updated)

...a combination of share repurchase at $250 million and variable prepaid forward transactions starting in Q4 2026 could potentially max out at $675 million. WBA continues to own about 15% of Cencora and remains on its board. Their release explains the financial pretzel, clearly designed to improve liquidity and cash management. Editor’s Note/Opinion 10/11: For an employer of this size, the layoffs represent an extreme downsizing that indicates several years of overhiring or wrong hiring in pursuit of corporate goals no longer in sight and strategic mistakes (like Theranos so long ago, but biting back with a $44 million settlement... Continue Reading

Olive AI selling rest of business to Waystar Health and Humata Health, winding down: reports (several updates)

...on their technology producing savings and efficiencies, then underdelivering, an assessment echoed by KLAS. HISTalk OliveAI’s demise as it reaches the end of the runway for near-total hull loss is almost in the Theranos class as a Unicorn Fail. They were valued at one point at $4 billion and burned through over $850 million in nine rounds of funding up to a Series H, including from top VCs General Catalyst, Tiger Global, and Vista Equity Partners. General Catalyst is now moving into the transformation business with the awkwardly named HATco, The Health Assurance Transformation Corporation, announced at HLTH earlier this... Continue Reading

Turmoil smacks retail healthcare (updated): Walgreens to shut 60 VillageMDs, as Village names 3 new presidents; CVS shakeup continues; Rite Aid bankrupt; Amazon’s One Medical rebrands Iora

Walgreens shuttering 60 VillageMD locations adjacent to stores in five markets. This follows a second disappointing quarter for Walgreens Boots Alliance [Q3 TTA 28 June] and a fiscal Q4 net loss of $180 million, or 21 cents per share. Their CFO attributed the loss to charges for certain legal and regulatory approvals and settlements (in September, $44 million for their Theranos fling), and one-time charges related to Walgreens’ cost-cutting program. Cuts announced by acting CEO Ginger Graham are $1 billion in 2024. Shares perked up slightly; since the start of 2023, share value has been down 39% for the year... Continue Reading

Walgreens’ transformation continues: new CEO enters, CIO exits, launches Virtual Healthcare in 9 states

...pharma exec Ginger Graham, returns to her lead independent director spot on the WBA board. WBA release, Walgreens recently missed earnings estimates for its Q3 ending in May [TTA 28 June] with underperformance problems in retail consumer sales and urgent care CityMD. They have been selling peripheral businesses and investments, with plans to lay off 10% (500) of its workforce. It doesn’t help the bottom line that Walgreens last month settled a class action lawsuit about its long-ago Theranos clinics in Arizona for a tidy $44 million. There’s trouble from the streets to the suites right now. Pharmacy workers walked... Continue Reading

Walgreens trying to reboot “healthcare transformation” momentum, looking for new CEO, settling with Theranos litigants

...of customers will receive double the cost of their Theranos tests, plus an additional $10 base payment. Then there are members of a Walgreens Edison subclass, presumably more damaged, who will receive an additional $700 to $1,000 for medical battery claims. The plaintiffs’ memorandum has additional detail to be approved by the US District Court in the District of Arizona. There was also a settlement with Sunny Balwani that involves the successor company, Theranos ABC, but none with Elizabeth Holmes. MedTech Dive Hopefully the new CEO will avoid the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) that powered Walgreens’ involvement with Theranos.... Continue Reading

Could DocGo be another Babylon Health or Theranos? CEO resignation may be only the start of their troubles.

...fairly quickly from two bad dips to $6 in May and December 2022. NS Medical Device DocGo’s response to the AG’s office and to the comptroller, the politics of the New York State and City crisis around thousands of migrants flooding housing, the streets, and schools, whether their contracts continue, and their internal financials will determine DocGo’s viability in the future. For those of us with long memories though, DocGo is repeating a pattern: first Peak Hype Altitude, then the Pileup of Problems on their wings, finally crashing to Total Hull Loss. Those are the ominous parallels with Theranos and... Continue Reading