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AdhereTech claims boost of 20 percent in med adherence

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /] Back in June at CEWeek this Editor viewed the newly redesigned, retro-looking AdhereTech medication bottle [TTA 10 July] and thought it a substantial step in appearance and feel in the hand above 1.0. It dispenses normally, lights are brighter, sounds are louder, it communicates wirelessly to track consumption and reminders, works internationally and has a three-time greater battery life. Compliance is a huge US business with pharma companies baying at the moon for it as a raison D’être of digital health. AdhereTech is working with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center, and Walter Reed Army... Continue Reading

AdhereTech’s smart pill bottle gets a new retro design

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”120″ /] My visit to CEWEEK in NY at the end of June was, in contrast to the 2014 edition, light on compelling health tech. One that stood out, for all the modesty of their display, was NYC-based AdhereTech. It’s a med reminder system pushed to the max: a pill bottle that dispenses normally, but collects and sends adherence data in real-time, with a system that analyzes and records the data. If a dose is missed, they send out customizable alerts and interventions to patients, using automated phone calls, text messages and other reminders. It also uniquely measures... Continue Reading

Caregiving a la robot: GeriJoy, Giraff Plus, CosmoBot

...the Robot Caregivers article profiles the US’ GeriJoy, a ‘virtual pet’ on a tablet which acts as a therapeutic companion and, through the tablet camera, provides 24/7 video monitoring; Sweden’s Giraff Plus which combines home digital sensors with a tall mobile robot to comprehensively monitor personal well-being; and its pint-size cousin, CosmoBot (US), a character robot for education and therapeutics targeted to younger children. The wearables article notes AdhereTech‘s very smart IoT pill bottle and Proteus Digital Health’s smartpill to body sensor to smartphone monitor. There’s more about bionic prosthetic knees and making healthcare unhackable (!) promoting HP’s security software.... Continue Reading

IBM Watson decision tools expand, lands at NYC HQ this year. Third quarter Series A stars were Wearable Intelligence (clinician wearables such as Google Glass uploading to EHRs) receiving $8.4 million and AdhereTech (a very smart pill bottle we’ve followed for two years, TTA’s articles here) with $1.75 million. It does make it regrettable, but in character, that a year or two ago Tunstall Americas did not twig to the trend by reinforcing its presence right here on its US home ground, actively creating key customer and tech alliances. Instead, they largely departed for a corner of Rhode Island. (For further on this, please see the latter part... Continue Reading

MediSafe, Frame Health and ‘compliance’ winners in Health 2.0 competition

...level companies with clients and real business, positioned for next round funding in the $2-12 million range. Our readers may remember our profiling MediSafe Project in early days (January 2013) and later their partnership with both AdhereTech smart pill bottles and Swiss drug maker Tillotts Pharma [TTA 12 Dec]. According to MedCityNews, MediSafe has been downloaded for free in Google Play and the iTunes App Store over 900,000 times; reminded users to take over 65 million doses and has a compliance level of 86 percent which far exceeds the global average of 50 percent. HealthTechTraction website, Health 2.0 news website... Continue Reading

Pilot Health Tech NYC winners announced (US)

...diabetes management. Others are less so: vision, medication adherence, data analytics, blood donation and social support. The winners are supported by $1 million in funding to operate and report results from the individual pilots which will take place starting in late summer through end of year. An interesting fact from the announcement release is that the Pilot Health Tech inaugural class companies [TTA 1 July 2013] have raised over $150 million in private investment since their win: AdhereTech, eCaring, Rip Road, Vital Care Services, BioDigital, Flatiron Health, Sense Health, Bio-Signal Group, Opticology and StarlingHealth (acquired by Hill-Rom). The winners (some... Continue Reading

MediSafe extends med reminder tech, signs major pharma

MediSafe Project, a mobile med reminder app developed in Israel [TTA 4 Jan], is partnering with Wealth Taxi’s (!) iReminder pill caps to create a reminder system which can be used without a smartphone. The MediSafe Virtual Pillbox can use a NFC (near field communication) tag or alternatively, a Bluetooth version for web users, to create a ‘lighter’ reminder for over-the-counter or generic drugs. The more sophisticated iReminder pill caps would be used for higher-end prescription drugs. The MedCityNews article from the mHealth Summit also officially confirms Omri ‘Bob’ Shor’s ongoing discussions with New York-based AdhereTech’s [TTA 27 Aug] high-end... Continue Reading

AdhereTech pill dispenser adds wireless network provider

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”175″ /]AdhereTech’s compact pill bottle for medications that need extra minding for accurate dosing beyond the usual ‘med reminder’ has just acquired a wireless backbone through KORE Telematics. AdhereTech, which was accelerated through Blueprint Health and is based out of StartUp Health here in NYC, has received some recent awards but is still in the lengthy clinical trials phase with Walter Reade Army Medical Center for patients using Type 2 diabetes medications and with Weill Cornell Medical College for single-dose HIV medication. KORE has provided M2M wireless services for Meridian Health [TTA 24 June 11] but hasn’t been... Continue Reading

Pilot HealthTech NYC winners

The Pilot HealthTech NYC program, which paired health tech innovators with NYC-based providers [TTA 15 March], announced their ten winners on Friday. The companies are: AdhereTech, eCaring, Rip Road, Vital Care Services, BioDigital, Flatiron Health, Sense Health, Bio-Signal Group, Opticology and StarlingHealth. The companies are provided with up to $100,000 each for their pilot projects. A listing of companies and partners is on the Pilot HealthTech website and a summary of the partnerships on StartUp Health’s blog (StartUp Health a program collaborator with Blueprint Health and Health 2.0). Examples: StarlingHealth and VillageCare of NYC will place touchscreen tablets (in eight... Continue Reading

AdhereTech wins Healthcare Innovation World Cup

AdhereTech, a med reminder startup from the Summer 2012 Blueprint Health class, recently won the $50,000 Healthcare Innovation World Cup sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim and organized by NYC-based independent healthcare research organization HITLAB (Healthcare Innovation Technology Lab). The annual competition challenges innovators in healthcare and IT to help solve global health issues; this year’s focus was diabetes prevention and management. AdhereTech is nearly to market with an M2M-connected compact bottle for pills or liquids that not only reminds, but also provides a measurement of pills/liquids remaining in the bottle [TTA 28 March]. Second place with a prize of $10,000 went... Continue Reading