2014: a few quotes

As a coda to yesterday’s review of our predictions for 2014, here are a few quotes that particularly struck this editor as of interest in 2014, sometimes because of what was said and sometimes because of who was saying it – it’s left to the reader to decide which.

Arthur L. Caplan, Director of Medical Ethics at the New York University Langone Medical Center at the end of an interesting piece in the New York Times on the finer points of genetic testing said:

If you want to spend wisely to protect your health and you have a few hundred dollars to spare, buy a scale, stand on it, and act accordingly.

Three months later, Anne Wojcicki, the founder of 23andme – one of the genetic testing organisations mentioned in the last clip – was quoted in this Medcity News piece as saying:

One doctor told me, ‘The problem with your company is that you generate too many non-billable questions”.

Getting closer to home, Dr Martin McShane, NHS England Director for long-term conditions, was quoted in a piece about modernisation of the NHS in the Independent as saying:

I think this is a really exciting time…the problem is we’re almost being out-paced by mobile technology.

This excellent H&HN Daily article by Dr Eric Topol includes lots of great Topologisms making it hard to choose the best. To me this one wins by a short head:

“To enable this futuristic form of medicine, we will need more physicians to move from analog to digital. For physicians to support letting go of things that can be done better by algorithms (as long as they have been rigorously tested) and embrace the new era of patient-generated data. It’s about having patients take a major, active technology-assisted role in their care and enhancing a vital relationship through a true sense of partnership.

Sona Chawla, President of Digital and CMO, explaining how Walgreens is encouraging the use of mobile devices in their stores was quoted in this Adweek piece as saying:

We think of the device as a lens to navigate the store. It turns into an engaging experience.

Andrew Thompson, President, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Proteus Digital Health describing how their medication adherence system works made it clear what a feat of engineering they had achieved in this Wired Health talk:

What we’re doing here is combining ingestible computing with wearable computing, with mobile computing, with cloud computing.

Deloitte’s produced a report on mobile health that is currently inaccessible on the Internet (the address was here) that included the quote:

What remains to be firmly established is proven evidence of mobile’s sustainable value to the health care industry.

In an mHealthNews piece including many quotes from Ralf-Gordon Jahns, managing director of Berlin-based research2guidance, his list of aspects that drive successful app commercialisation starts with:

Service is number one. While the less successful apps rely on paid downloads <Jahns says> the profitable developers – offering everything from remote monitoring to decision support to image sharing – rely on service sales as their primary source of revenue.

And finally, a few quotes from a truly excellent Telefonica-organised event on technology and disability that especially appealed:

Anything called ‘technology’ is not finished yet – Douglas Adams quoted by Chris Lewis, author of the report “Accessibility for the Disabled in the Increasingly Mobile World” for Telefonica, who went on to say that:

Beautiful design can also be inclusive design – it is important to ensure that for example buttons are consistently tagged to say what they are.

Disability is the new green – Caroline Casey, founder of Kanchi, and a most inspiring speaker on the topic.

Hat tips to David Doherty and Prof Mike Short for pointers to some of these.

Coming up in a few days – our predictions for 2015 – so keep coming back to Telehealth & TelecareAware!


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