DLF launches new version of SARA

Not telecare, but of interest to readers, the new version of the DLF’s online self assessment tool, SARA (Self Assessment, Rapid Access), includes a number of improvements based on user feedback. It is no longer necessary to register to use the service; there are more images; a more accessible design, and reports are generated more quickly.

Birmingham City and Croydon Council have also licensed SARA for their own use as part of the Department of Health’s pilot project to test and evaluate the concept of self assessment.

Blue Tree Services launches people tracking service (UK)

This looks similar to the Loc8me story posted here 31 August, the Yorkshire Safe-T story from 28 January and even the Irish TopLocate story from 30 January. What’s not explained is how these services track people within, say, shopping centres and other such indoor locations where GPS doesn’t work. If you know, please post a comment below. Thanks.

Blue Tree Services press release on its ‘OurSOS’ service.