TTA’s Week: Hungary presents health tech in NYC, spring/summer UK/US events, WannaCry one year on can bring you to tears


Despite the chill of a damp May, there was warmth and intriguing health tech at the Hungarian Consulate in NYC. Plenty of spring/summer UK/US events to look forward to. And what not to look forward to in a malware attack like WannaCry.

Hungary’s burgeoning med and health tech scene comes to NYC (A rarely seen view in the US of the Other Side of Europe)
Events roundup: The King’s Fund, SEHTA, RSM, VR4REHAB, Parks Associates, HealthIMPACT, Telemedicine SPS (A lot of dates for your calendar)
WannaCry’s anniversary: have we learned our malware and cybersecurity lessons? (Hard lessons, but hardly a shake out of complacency.)

Gartner confirms that blockchain has hit the Peak of Inflated Expectations. A seemingly thoughtful piece on disease app adoption turns out to be less than advertised. Meanwhile, the acquisitions, consolidations, awards, and company news keep on coming.

Blockchain deployment not matching the hype–so far. 34% of CIOs have ‘no interest’. (Not a fit yet for healthcare)
Can chronic disease apps get adopted? Is it as simple as four steps? HBR states the obvious. (An article outside the real world)
News roundup: First Stop, GlobalMed, American Well, Avizia, Medicity, Health Catalyst, Allscripts, Welbeing, BenevolentAI (A bumper crop of repositioning and acquisition news)
Health 2.0 NYC Empowered Patients event rescheduled to 16 May; apply now to the Digital Health Breakthrough Network (NYC) (Two NY-centric events/startup funding)

What’s next? A Silicon Valley company’s fit of good governance? The second coming of Withings? Health tech and IT avanti in Italia? Orangeworm initiating massive HIT upgrades?

Health tech founder ousted over alleged ‘acts of intimidation, abuse, and mistrust’: some reflections (Soapbox) (He taps out)

Nokia throws in towel on digital health, negotiates Withings sale to co-founder Eric Carreel (What’s next for Nokia?)

Confronto Nazionale sul Software in Sanità (National Comparison on Healthcare Software), 4-5 July, Rome (Italy tries to figure out what’s next)

Alerts moving to Thursdays; TTA seeks contributors (Help out the Editors!)

Orangeworm malware running wild in hospitals for three years: multiple reports (It was inevitable)

A study that points the way forward in markets, tech, and investment for virtual care. The non-blood glucose monitoring race. Updates on The King’s Fund and Parks Associates’ summer conferences.

‘Deconstructing the Telehealth Industry’ positively, focusing on ‘virtual care’ of older adults (Major investor study looks forward and deeply)
The race to develop a blood glucose skin patch monitor speeds up with UCSD pilot (Another approach in measuring sweat vs. blood glucose)
The health tech events of summer: The King’s Fund (London) and Parks Associates (San Diego) (Updated)
UK-developed non-invasive skin patch monitors blood glucose; a ‘slow-mo’ injection to regulate it (Measuring interstitial fluid, adding gel to GLP1 treatment) 

Two private health tech solutions in the UK can’t wait for the NHS. DARPA developing a passive monitor out of your smartphone for warfighter readiness and health.

UK health grassroots programs not waiting for the NHS: VR for COPD patient exercise, Now Patient app for chronic care management (Health tech not waiting for NHS Digital)
DARPA’s $5.1M contract with Kryptowire to develop passive smartphone health monitoring, predictive analytics (A breakthrough in monitoring–just carry around your phone)

JPM’s Jamie Dimon delivers a windy healthcare lecture to his shareholders. Theranos winds down to startup size and its last few million. But you can wind up in London and San Diego at two events this summer.

The health tech events of summer: The King’s Fund (London) and Parks Associates (San Diego) (Here sooner than you realize! Speaking proposals still open with Parks)
The Theranos Story, ch. 48: down to 24 employees in a last ditch before bankruptcy (The Incredible Shrinking Theranos, only $900 million later)
Soapbox: JPM’s Dimon takes the 50,000 foot view on the JP Morgan Chase-Berkshire Hathaway-Amazon health joint venture (Trailing a fog of generalities, but don’t worry–the experts will fix it all)

Of continued interest….

2017’s transition in digital health funding: is it maturity or a reconsideration? (Investors taking a breath–or the Theranos Effect creating a damper?)
Breached healthcare records down 72% but incident numbers steady. Then there’s MyFitnessPal’s 150 million… (No one should be relaxing)
PARO: The robotic therapy seal that benefits so few (Founding Editor Steve laments PARO’s pricing as limiting its use)

Is the Amazon Effect good or bad for consumers–and health tech? (Unintended–or intended–consequences)

Butterfly IQ handheld ultrasound offers clinical-quality body imaging for under $2,000 (Changing how imaging is used)
PARO therapy robot tested, cleared by NHS for — hygiene (The long road for this robot’s acceptance with geriatric dementia patients)

The Theranos Story, ch. 47: the post-mortem, blaming–and ghost chasing–begin (Digging into what happened–Mr. Balwani as Casper?)
Contact lenses as a drug delivery system take home MIT Sloan Healthcare prize (Commercialization nearing?)

Blockchains, EHRs, roadblocks and baby steps (Founding Editor Steve cuts through the fog and hype to a realistic picture of blockchain in healthcare)
Is Uber fit to deliver healthcare transport? Healthcare organizations may want to check. (Uber’s recent business practices against organizations’ codes of conduct)

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