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Data is everywhere this week, from the future of patient-generated data to AI. Citizen Scientists aid innovation. MedStartr and ATA2017 (save 15%!) events. 

From despair to hope? New study charts future of patient-generated data in care delivery (It’s better in 5 years. Can we wait?)
Upcoming MedStartr healthcare events in NYC; #RISE2017 videos online (The places to be in the next few weeks, and if you missed #RISE2017 catch it here)
AI as patient safety assistant to reduce, prevent adverse events (A hopeful take on an urgent issue)
#ShareTheHealth: spare Android phone processing, used fitness trackers, aid health research (Citizen Science innovations)

and: ATA 2017 Telehealth 2.0 Conference, Orlando: TTA Readers attend for less! (The place to be in April–more detail below)

Telemedicine may increase plan cost, the Idaho legislature takes action, aging tech 2017 trends, diabetes apps, Radio 4 CQC debate features Editor Charles, more. 

Telemedicine may drive up medical utilization, increase cost: RAND Health study (Yet it worked as intended)
Idaho legislature begins repeal of telemedicine abortion ban (Editor Chrys’ follow up)
Leeds, Harrogate care homes pilot telehealth system for residents (UK) (Another small test)
Technology for Aging in Place, 2017 edition preview (Some surprises here, debated)
Debate on Care Quality Commission’s position on online prescription services on Radio 4’s TODAY (UK) (Editor Charles now radio star)

CHANGED DEADLINE Calling all diabetes prevention apps: may be your chance for greatness! (Our Mobile Health/NHS England–application due 15 March)
A cornucopia of events and opportunities (UK/EU) (Editor Charles fills in your health tech calendar)

Previous articles of continued interest:

#HIMSS17 roundup: machine learning, Proteus, Soon-Shiong/NantWorks’ cancer vax, Uniphy Health, more (From AI-assisted workflow technologies to the Soon-Shiong cancer vax controversy)
Here’s Howz: now electricity consumption as elder minder (UK) (Telecare 3.0?)
Utah telehealth expansion bill passes Senate and House (Lawmakers working together)
HIMSS17 dispatches: Mayo maps neonate telemedicine, Amwell-Samsung, Samsung-T-Mobile (Including IoT for senior care)

HIMSS17 news flashes: Lenovo, Orbita, Tactio, Garmin, Parallax, Entra Health, Philips, IBM (Some setbacks for Watson Health)
The Theranos Story, ch. 37: the Object Lessons for future healthcare entrepreneurs (An MBA in what not to do)

The Theranos Story, ch. 36: Their money–and time–are running out (The start of the denouement)
Tender up: Durham Smart County on Social Isolation (Due 31 March)
Disrupting the pathways of Social Determinants of Health: the transportation solution (A focus on Veyo)
What is the future of digital technology in NHS England for the haves and have-nots? (Local innovation, but the funding?)
Iron Bow partners with Vivify Health for $258 million VA telehealth contract (A real competitor to Medtronic) and VA awards over $1 billion in Home Telehealth contracts–at long last (updated) (Be careful of answered prayers)

Towards 2020: Big Tech developments predicted to impact healthcare delivery (AI, machine learning, blockchain)
AI as diagnostician in ophthalmology, dermatology. Faster adoption than IBM Watson? (Faster, specialized, cheaper wins)
British Journal of Cardiology (BJC) Digital Healthcare Forum’s inaugural meeting (Put on your calendar for 28 April)

What are the impacts of NHS CCGs forcing disabled and LTC patients into care homes? (UK) (Countering best practices and healthcare trends)

The King’s Fund Digital Health and Care Congress ’17–update (Preview the meeting video)

ATA 2017 Telehealth 2.0

ATA2017/Telehealth 2.0 is the world’s largest telehealth innovation & networking event, focused on how telehealth is transforming healthcare and creating competitive and cost advantages for those leveraging best practices. You’ll hear from leading healthcare providers, hospitals, physicians, associations, regulators, fast-growing startups, technology companies and industry thought leaders. Readers save 15%–and advanced registration rates are available through 25 March! (Use TelecareAware15 code when registering)

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