TTA’s Week: Babylon’s Samsung deal, VA Home Telehealth secret player revealed, tests at Salford Royal renal, and the book’s thrown at Theranos



Following up with ‘old friends’: Babylon’s Big Deal with Samsung, VA’s Home Telehealth awards, and The King’s Fund’s meeting draws close. An analysis of analogue versus digital telecare. And Theranos is ‘The Woman Who Came to Dinner’ and won’t leave.  

The King’s Fund Digital Health & Care Congress coming soon on 10-11 July (Time grows short!)
Rounding up the news: Babylon’s Samsung Health UK deal, smartphone urine test debuts, a VA Home Telehealth ‘announcement’, Aging 2.0’s NY Happy Hour (Babylon’s big chance, VA HT’s worst kept secret revealed, Salford Royal trials
CMS urged to further reimburse telehealth remote patient monitoring with three new CPT codes (How codes can change the profit picture of health tech)
The Theranos Story, ch. 49: CEO Holmes reportedly raising funds for a new company–and feeling like Joan of Arc (John Carreyrou’s Theranos book is just out; Elizabeth Holmes isn’t Monty Woolley and not St. Joan either)  See Ch. 50 for the DOJ indictment
OnePerspective: Analogue telecare is a dead horse: stop flogging it (And go digital–the perspective from the CEO of Communicare247)

Teladoc’s and Doro’s big international acquisitions mark the cross-border trend. More US/UK summer events plus two opportunities for speaker spots and award nominations. 

Rounding up more Events of Summer–plus speaker submissions closing soon! (RSM, miniHIMSS NYS, Health 2.0 NYC, Newark Venture Partners, TSA, The King’s Fund, Connected Health Summit)
International acquisition roundup: Doro and Welbeing; Teladoc and Advance Medical (Go big or go home)

The most important event in two weeks’ time: the Future of Medicine on June 13th at the RSM!

‘Comfort companions’ hit the tech mainstream. VA goes ‘Anywhere’ in telehealth. UK’s BBH Awards open for technology. And does your tech address both medical and social needs?

CNET spotlights ‘comfort companions’ and therapy robots (Much needed despite cost)
VA’s ‘Anywhere to Anywhere’ telehealth initiative finalizes (Despite no Secretary at the helm)
Building Better Healthcare Awards 2018 open for entries (UK) (BBH Awards in multiple healthcare areas)
The magic quadrant matrix strikes again for health tech and investment potential (Where does your tech fall?)

Despite the chill of a damp May, there was warmth and intriguing health tech at the Hungarian Consulate in NYC. Plenty of spring/summer UK/US events to look forward to. And what not to look forward to in a malware attack like WannaCry.

Hungary’s burgeoning med and health tech scene comes to NYC (A rarely seen view in the US of the Other Side of Europe)
Events roundup: The King’s Fund, SEHTA, RSM, VR4REHAB, Parks Associates, HealthIMPACT, Telemedicine SPS (A lot of dates for your calendar)
WannaCry’s anniversary: have we learned our malware and cybersecurity lessons? (Hard lessons, but hardly a shake out of complacency.)

Gartner confirms that blockchain has hit the Peak of Inflated Expectations. A seemingly thoughtful piece on disease app adoption turns out to be less than advertised. Meanwhile, the acquisitions, consolidations, awards, and company news keep on coming.

Blockchain deployment not matching the hype–so far. 34% of CIOs have ‘no interest’. (Not a fit yet for healthcare)
Can chronic disease apps get adopted? Is it as simple as four steps? HBR states the obvious. (An article outside the real world)
News roundup: First Stop, GlobalMed, American Well, Avizia, Medicity, Health Catalyst, Allscripts, Welbeing, BenevolentAI (A bumper crop of repositioning and acquisition news)
Health 2.0 NYC Empowered Patients event rescheduled to 16 May; apply now to the Digital Health Breakthrough Network (NYC) (Two NY-centric events/startup funding)

What’s next? A Silicon Valley company’s fit of good governance? The second coming of Withings? Health tech and IT avanti in Italia? Orangeworm initiating massive HIT upgrades?

Health tech founder ousted over alleged ‘acts of intimidation, abuse, and mistrust’: some reflections (Soapbox) (He taps out)

Nokia throws in towel on digital health, negotiates Withings sale to co-founder Eric Carreel (What’s next for Nokia?)

Confronto Nazionale sul Software in Sanità (National Comparison on Healthcare Software), 4-5 July, Rome (Italy tries to figure out what’s next)

Alerts moving to Thursdays; TTA seeks contributors (Help out the Editors!)

Orangeworm malware running wild in hospitals for three years: multiple reports (It was inevitable) 10-11 July at The King’s Fund. Case study-oriented sessions include creating the right culture for large-scale digital change, using digital technology to improve quality of care, prevention and changing behaviors, population health informatics, tools for self-management, and much more. Click the advert at left or here to find out more and to register.


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