Three seminars on negotiating IP licensing, IT procurement and services (US)

If you negotiate IP licensing or deal with IT procurement or services in the US, now or in the future, which are all part of anything digital health or TECS,  you might want to schedule in one of Mark Grossman’s three upcoming speaking engagements. Mark has written four articles for TTA as a guest columnist (index here), has 30 years as an attorney specializing in business law and IP, and is with Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt in New York City.

  1. Savannah, GA, CAUCUS IT Procurement Summit 2014,’ SaaS Deals Without Pain’, 21 October (2:45-3:45pm).  More information
  2. New York City, Practicing Law Institute’s (PLI) Advanced Licensing Agreements 2014, mock negotiation of a licensing agreement, 4 November.  More information
  3. San Francisco, American Conference Institute’s IT Service Agreements and Licensing-Cloud, Open Source, and Software Summit, 17-18 November. Co-chairing and hosting ‘Planning Your Exit Strategies When Terminating a Contract While Maximizing Your Resources’. More information

Can’t make them? Mark’s online seminar ‘Negotiating Tech, Telecom & Outsourcing Deals’ is available on demand here at Lawline with setting up a free account.

Due diligence: the importance of the internal IP audit

This is the fourth article of an occasional series on law and intellectual property (IP) as it affects software and systems used in health technology. The topic is the importance on implementing your own audit of your company’s IP and why you should enlist an outside company to do it. More than a list of your copyrights and patents, an independently conducted internal audit will prepare your company for the external due diligence expected when a bank wants to vet a loan or an investor knocks on the door–and it includes things like your website and IT. While Mr. Grossman is writing in the context of US law, our UK and international readers will find his pointers applicable both locally and in dealing with the US. What’s refreshing is his plain writing and lack of ‘legalese’. 

Mark Grossman, JD, has nearly 30 years’ experience in business law and began focusing his practice on technology over 20 years ago. He is an attorney with Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt in New York City and has for ten years been listed in Best Lawyers in America. Mr. Grossman has been Special Counsel for the X-Prize Foundation and SME (subject matter expert) for Florida’s Internet Task Force. More information on Mr. Grossman here and at his blog.


Intellectual property may be among the most valuable assets your company owns. The problem with intellectual property (IP) is that by its nature its intangible. You can’t touch it or see it. So how do you know what you have and own?

The starting point is to look to any registrations you may have with the government. For example, you may have registered a copyright or trademark and have paperwork to prove it. However, the registrations are just the starting point. It turns out that getting a handle on your company’s IP assets can be a complex process.  (more…)