3rings’ well-handled transition to their March shutdown (updated)

In late summer [TTA 19 Sep] we learned that one of the most innovative UK companies in sensor-based assistive technology, 3rings, was ceasing operations as of March 2019’s end. We noted it was a planned shutdown that gave subscribers nearly six months to switch over to other technologies. Steve Purdham and his team have recommended three companies that in their estimation are good alternatives to 3rings in both their original electrical Plug (electric usage as a proxy for being up and around) and cloud-based IoT service. Three companies are recommended in detail based on needs. 3rings presents all three in detail with special offers, including a handy ‘how to’ on transitioning services.

  1. Clever Contact from Alertacall–a daily contact and reminder service
  2. Canary Care--motion sensor/IoT service which is fairly close to the way that 3rings developed. Canary Care has reorganized since last summer with new ownership [TTA 8 Nov].
  3. PPP Taking Care–pendant alarm

When asked to comment on Canary Care’s recent release (PDF) related to their service as a close fit to 3rings, Steve remarked that “As we plan our graceful close the key for us was to give all our customers significant notice of our intentions (almost 6 months) and where possible provide guidance as to ways forward. We also wanted to help as many of our customers to transition to technologies that would help them continue looking after their loved ones after March 1st 2019. Looking after all our customers means a lot to us so providing this help made sense. The team at Canary wanted to do a press release regarding their deal and I was happy to support it.”

The 3rings closing is regrettable, but the transition of their services to protect their customers deserves a ‘Well Done’. (Undoubtedly we will be hearing from Steve and the 3rings team in future.) Hat tip to Steve, Nicola Hughes of Canary Care/Lifecycle Software, and James Batchelor of Alertacall.

Telecare pioneer Alertacall receives National Business Awards-UK honor

[grow_thumb image=”http://telecareaware.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Alertacall-logo1.jpg” thumb_width=”150″ /]Alertacall received the ‘Highly Commended’ distinction in the Market Gravity Innovation category at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards UK. The company was cited over eight other finalists for its ‘OKEachDay’ phone check-in service in a field of over 150 other competitors in various business areas. Founded in 2004, Alertacall was one of the Grizzled Pioneers of UK telecare and lately has expanded into housing management with its Housing Proactive system. The winner was DNAFit, which integrates genomics into nutrition and fitness. The National Business Awards were announced in a ceremony on 10 November keynoted by astronaut (and second man on the moon) Buzz Aldrin and addressed by Prime Minister David Cameron. Scotland’s Digital Health & Care Institute was the other digital health finalist; DHI is an incubator for 85 live projects also funding academic research with a combined level of over £3 million. Awards page (click on Market Gravity Innovation)Alertacall release