Small scale telehealth is effective says The Guardian

A very interesting article in The Guardian (UK) on Monday (16 December) that argues for small scale telehealth implementations. click to enlarge Dick Vinegar (aka the Patient from Hell) reports in the article from a telehealth conference organised by the Health Service Journal last month where some examples of  successful small scale implementations were presented.

He questions the conventional approach of implementing telehealth for a selective set of conditions such as diabetes and COPD that are considered to be particularly suited to telehealth and supports a proposal from one participant at the conference who suggested selecting patients according their frequency of attending hospital. I am not convinced that is necessarily a viable alternative as patients may attend hospital frequently for a variety of reasons many of which could not be substituted by a home monitoring solution.

Finally Vinegar considers the benefits of Flo, the “simple telehealth” developed within the NHS in the UK. I recommend a read of the full article.

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