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September/October’s Telecare LIN eNewsletter published (UK)

Just published, the eNewsletter covering September and October (65 pages), and billed as “the most comprehensive public telecare and telehealth news listing available.” Main items are:

  • Results of the Kent Telehealth Pilot (2005-2007) covering 250 patients
  • Buying Solutions framework [no new info]
  • Telecare and telehealth map updates, including new colour coding
  • Summary CQC telecare figures 2010 (performance of the 152 social care authorities)
    [Interesting snippets:
    LA and LA with partner agencies, planned new telecare users in 2009-10 : 143,031. Outturn: 129,232
    31 authorities plan to
    decrease their additional users in 2010/2011
    There is no CQC count planned for 2011]
  • News from the West Midlands
  • WSDAN report from the 30 June event including economics issues around telecare and telehealth
  • Conference information

PDF download (2.7MB)