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NYY PCT responds to Telecare Aware item: The £3+ million telehealth spend that has achieved…what?

In a statement sent to Telecare Aware yesterday, NHS North Yorkshire and York responded to the points in last week’s item The £3+ million telehealth spend that has achieved…what? [Original with comments] Readers can read the whole for themselves as the points are helpfully interspersed into the original item. Download or open it here (PDF). The PCT has also provided a new press release setting out progress and benefits so far. Advent of Telehealth brings 40% reduction in emergency hospital admissions (PDF)

The only substantial point that Telecare Aware got wrong was that we had said that the £3.2 million cost of the procurement had been split two-thirds to the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) and one-third to the PCT. In fact the SHA’s contribution to the cost was only £1m. This still throws no light on how the [heavily overspent] PCT could find £2+ million for the purchase and ongoing costs, or why the deal was structured as a one-off purchase instead of planning a series of incremental purchases in the wake of a successful rollout.

In addition, in the accompanying email, the PCT’s spokesperson said: “I’d like to make clear that although David [Cockayne] was leading the Telehealth project, the decision to award the contract to Tunstall was made by the Board of NHS North Yorkshire and York, on which David was a non-voting member. David was not present at the Board when the decision was made.”