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Video interview: Snippets about Cornwall WSD

8½ minutes over 5 videos

Following a presentation at the Beyond 2010 conference 23 October, Dave Tyas, Service Improvement Manager for Self Care and Long Term Conditions for the NHS in Cornwall and the Scilly Isles is interviewed on videos …

NYY PCT responds to Telecare Aware item: The £3+ million telehealth spend that has achieved…what?

In a statement sent to Telecare Aware yesterday, NHS North Yorkshire and York responded to the points in last week’s item The £3+ million telehealth spend that has achieved…what? [Original with comments] Readers can read the whole for …

Local paper questions PCT about the £3.2m spend

The PCT’s local paper has picked up the story and raised the point about the delay. £3.2m Telehealth units ‘delayed’.

[We are still waiting for Received 18 Oct: the statement that the PCT’s Communications Department said on Tuesday

Kent TeleHealth Evaluative Development Pilot: The full results

Last week, owing to the limited launch information, we were only able to make a passing reference to the headline result of the 2005-2007 Kent TeleHealth Evaluative Development Pilot which involved 250 patients with long term conditions. Now we have …

The £3+ million telehealth spend that has achieved… what?

Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to read is true. Not even the names have been changed to protect the innocent. That’s because, as far as I [ed. Steve] know, no one involved in these events has done

Telehealth project report shows savings. Kent (UK)

At a launch last week Kent County Council unveiled the results of a large telehealth project that, conducted in 2006-07, predates the Whole System Demonstrator Programme. According to the Kent website, rolling out telehealth could save Kent £7million a …

Review of the 2nd Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit, London, 21-22 September 2010

David Doherty on the 3G Doctor blog has pulled together his thoughts and observations on the conference. There’s lots to delve into, as the information is organised by the companies attending. Review of the 2nd Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit, London,

Lansley announces £70m support to help people in their homes after illness or injury (UK)

Headline? So far so good. The rest of the iSOFT press release? Typical large company fluffery built around a slim Ministerial announcement and compounded by an abysmally difficult to read light grey font colour. [Which I have maintained in the

September/October’s Telecare LIN eNewsletter published (UK)

Just published, the eNewsletter covering September and October (65 pages), and billed as “the most comprehensive public telecare and telehealth news listing available.” Main items are:

  • Results of the Kent Telehealth Pilot (2005-2007) covering 250 patients
  • Buying Solutions framework [no

Coast and Country HomeCall (UK)

Why a post featuring two press releases from Coast and Country HomeCall, a relatively small UK telecare provider? As regular readers know, I frequently complain about mind-numbing, jargon-laden, press releases full of company puffery so it is a pleasant change …