Cogitating on diabetes, accelerators, events and Ireland: the TTA week


GE Healthcare accelerates, diabetes goes cognitive with Watson, and we concentrate on our calendars adding on more autumn events.

GE Healthcare gets into accelerator biz with five.eight (For the underserved 5.8 million)
North West Telecare event, 23 November (A free full day conference near Manchester)
Ireland telecare monitoring a relative price bargain (Toni Bunting tells us)
IBM Watson Health computes into diabetes management, UK care budgeting (US/UK) (Watson is everywhere!)
A couple more grant opportunities for SMEs (Editor Charles rounds up more assistance for entrepreneurs)
TSA’s 2016 International Technology Enabled Care Conference (UK) (Coming up soon on 18-19 October)
A clutch of interesting digital health events (Charles rounds up DHACA Day, RSM, London Health Technology Forum)

Kicking off the autumn with mobile brain and home monitoring perspectives from Israel, the ‘shocking’ results of a four-y/o study and apply for proposals in the UK for people with learning disabilities.

Mobile brain monitoring developments and impact (Israel) 
Wearables ‘shocker’: Website beats fitness tracker in weight loss program
Work for a UK LA? Apply for housing & technology improvements for people with learning disabilities

Winding up summer’s last day, we range from bodyhacking to Paperless 2020…Theranos and Arizona’s health safety…UK/US events…a potpourri of news…and a great job for the right person!

More tattletale data gathering: EEGs and sub-cutaneous RFID chips (Bodyhacking will tell on you)
Fall/winter US events–Extra #1: TEDxNJIT, PCHA CHC and CHS (Shuttle Corridor conferences)
Asthma UK recruiting for a new digital health role – interested? (They may be looking for one of our Readers)
TTA’s Friday roundup of interesting articles, updates and weekend reads (Fitbit/Jawbone continues, texting, PCPs want their telehealth money, iHealth acquires, HealthSpot’s elephantine doom and frontline telehealth in Syria)
Autumn/winter UK health tech events–Extra #1 (SEHTA’s up for two)
Add 3 years to ‘Paperless 2020’: Robert Wachter at The King’s Fund (UK) (Electronic records not easy as thought)
The Theranos Story, ch. 20: How Arizonans fell hard and let Theranos change health policy (How a state got played and let down their population health safety)

The last bit of summer brings investment, fresh events and an update on The Theranos Saga. Telehealth a hit in Australia and perhaps in a new health system model.

Diabetes management: the Next Big Health Tech Thing? (The investment evidence points in this direction)
Put them on the calendar: autumn/winter UK health tech events (RSM, King’s Fund, TSA and more)
Put them on the calendar: upcoming US IoT, connected health events (updated) (Parks, MedMo, CES, PCHA, more)
Telehealth is the way forward for chronic disease treatment – Australian report (Editor Chrys estimates it may save AU$3 billion)
The Theranos Story, ch. 19: the dramatic denouement, including human tragedy (The Fool in the Pool haunts Silicon Valley)
A hybrid telehealth/telemedicine model for health systems (Moving the model forward in the care continuum)

A review of digital health patent slugfests and Unintended Consequences (AmWell, Teladoc, Fitbit, Jawbone and We Remember Bosch)
The ‘right package of care’ sought for ‘bed-blockers’, home care (UK/US) (Managing the transitions at all care levels)
Contact lenses as sight-saving drug delivery system (A new weapon against glaucoma, we hope soon)
Catch-up: what you may have missed whilst on holiday (Editor Charles’ wide-ranging roundup and preview of UK news and events)

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