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Clacton’s mystery tack attack scuppers mobility scooters (UK)

...but new half-inch roofing tacks. This tack (not hack) attack has been keeping local repair shops in the chips repairing punctured tyre tubes, with at least 15 buggy blowouts reported in two weeks. According to a local disability campaigner, it’s revenge on scooterers, who seem to have earned a poor driving reputation on Clacton’s sidewalks. Here’s hoping the local police track down the tacky person who is doing this. On the other hand, buggy driving lessons may also be in order. Hat tip to reader John Boden of ElderIssues (FL), who is alarmed at the prospect of out-of-control buggy drivers.... Continue Reading

Connected Health Summit 2017 San Diego — last chance to book!!

29-31 August, The Omni Hotel, San Diego [grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”200″ /]Starting tomorrow, but not too late to book! Take a trip to Southern California for the end of the traditional summer season (sob!). This year’s Connected Health Summit, organized by research organization Parks Associates, spotlights health technologies as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the transformational impact of these connected solutions on the US healthcare system. Presentations are organized around: Remote health monitoring for accountable care Consumer-centric wellness and fitness solutions Independent living technologies and services, including reinventing home health Innovative virtual/convenience care models Keynoters include John W.... Continue Reading

VA unveils several ‘anywhere’ new telehealth services for veterans

John Boden It is amazing, or is it, that out own "single payor" health system in the US is delivering the highest quality, most efficient, lowest cost health care in the the world. We can use the VA as the model and roll it out from Maine to California Donna Cusano There are thousands of veterans who have been ill-served by the VA, which is why scheduling and seeing private care (if you meet the distance qualifications) has been a major hot button. Read Maureen Callahan's essay on her battle for her father's care in the VA system: Adrienne... Continue Reading

Can Google Glass’ enterprise iteration solve the patient documentation crisis?

...time from 33 percent to less than 10 percent, The Sutter Health estimate is two hours per day. Out of the gate this is extremely valuable because it improves the clinician-patient face-to-face (and presumably virtual) visit in eye contact, reduces the break in taking notes, and reduces time pressure generated by post-visit review. Netherlands-based swyMed concentrates on facilitating virtual visits, and is testing a home visit pilot with Loyola University Health System practitioners in Maywood, Illinois. Others, like John Nosta, have been continuing to use Glass in business. Our Readers may want to check out these partners as that is... Continue Reading

GE’s change at the top puts a healthcare head first

This Monday morning’s Big News was the stepping down, after 16 years, of GE‘s CEO Jeff Immelt effective August 1, and the rise of GE Healthcare’s head, John Flannery. The focus of most articles naturally was the fate of GE. Mr. Immelt may have steered the company through a severe recession starting in 2008, but he managed to lose about a third of the company’s value in the process. Expect some changes to be made in Boston. “I’m going to do a fast but deliberate, methodical review of the whole company,” Flannery told Reuters in an interview. “The board has... Continue Reading

Successful Aging 2030: how far we haven’t come, how far we have to go

...spend too much time searching for existing design products to make life a little easier. Doctors don’t have time or the understanding of these problems. (June Fisher MD of UC Berkeley). She was joined in this by Susan Szanton of Johns Hopkins, whose experience with geriatric nursing in Baltimore led to her developing the CAPABLE model of handyman services with nursing and occupational therapy, and Dr Joseph Kvedar of Partners HealthCare on social connectivity to relieve aloneness. About new designs and products, they are being designed and prototyped (Stanford Longevity Program) but investors don’t understand or want to fund them... Continue Reading

Anthem-Cigna breaking: lawyers may talk, but Cigna gets to walk–and it continues in court

...“the judge said there was significant evidence Cigna may have violated the merger agreement by dragging its feet on antitrust concerns, which could entitle Anthem to “potentially massive damages.” The next phase of court actions will be around damages awarded to Cigna, if any; if so how much; and what is the final settlement. Dirty laundry and ‘Who Shot John?’ will fly in this same court, unless the settlement is quick and quiet, highly unlikely with these two noisy protagonists. If it remains substantial, Cigna could be shopping for acquisitions–or be a cash-rich acquisition target itself. More distractions for management.... Continue Reading

Hackermania meets The Dark Overlord with 2.3 million 2017 health data breaches

John Boden It was not that many years ago that there was no confidentiality rules or laws about healthcare data. Then when a very dangerous STD began to spread rapidly, and those that were infected began to be discriminated against, and insurance companies would refuse coverage based on past medical history, that privacy laws came into effect and HIPAA regulations resulted. Now, no one asks what is the real danger of someone’s medical information not being private. If insurance companies could not refuse coverage for preexisting conditions, which was beginning to happen, it becomes solely a personal preference to keep... Continue Reading

Entra’s home blood test for chemotherapy patients; Haystack’s ‘one blood test’ for cancer (UK/US)

...through one test using panels of biomarkers. The research team headed by John Wilson, PhD, who is affiliated with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, are ready first with pancreatic and lung cancer samples. This has gained the interest of pharma companies who are seeking a companion diagnostic for their drug trials. It was also a category winner at MedStartr’s #MedMo16 last December and presenter at #RISE2017 in March. Haystack’s MedStartr page. Video of Haystack’s presentation at #RISE2017 is on YouTube here (at 58:00) TTA is a MedStartr and Health 2.0 NYC supporter/media sponsor since 2010; event videos are available at Continue Reading