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Why do hackers love bitcoin? Blockchain. And why are healthcare, IoT liking blockchain?

...(left above). The Federal ONC-HIT (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology) under HHS is soliciting up to 15 proposals for “Blockchain and Its Emerging Role in Healthcare and Health-related Research.” through July 29. Cash prizes range from $1,500 to $5,000. The final eight will present at the awards presentation September 26-27. Potential uses are: Medical banking between dis-intermediated parties Distributed EHRs Inventory management Forming a research “commons” and a remunerative model for data sharing Identity verification for insurance purposes An open “bazaar” for services that accommodates transparency in pricing Health Data Management, Information Management, Federal Register announcement... Continue Reading

Data breach cost crests $4 million: Ponemon Institute

...proactive in detecting breaches early, having a CISO (chief information security officer), instituting employee training and awareness programs, deploying encryption and endpoint security plus a business continuity management plan. Ponemon/IBM website. Healthcare IT News Threat hunting is also emphasized in a second Ponemon study sponsored by Raytheon, which recommended offensively hunting down threats to data security, and defensively setting up a security barrier to protect patient data and care systems. With nation-state attacks (think China and Russia), ransomware, compromises due to IoT (add outdated software), and physical data theft, the game is now complete control rather than plain ol’ disruption.... Continue Reading

Nokia’s healthcare repositioning confirmed with Withings $191 million acquisition (updated)

...this confirms that true to the reports, Nokia had been been developing a digital health strategy called WellCare, centered on data and insights collected from wearables. WellCare will now apparently be integrated into Withings. The combination will also be competitive with Apple HealthKit and ResearchKit, which has had extensive takeup by both developers and clinical researchers–but there is plenty of room in the field. Withings retains a strong and uniquely quality design-driven identity, though perhaps not the most well known brand especially in the US, and has a small share in covetable, pricey fitness wearables. But it’s the integration and... Continue Reading

90% of industries have had PHI data breach: Verizon (HIMSS Connected Health) of the PHI Report and an info security/forensics expert, and included in that 90 percent are workers’ compensation programs, self-insured companies, the public sector, financial/insurance companies and–as a damper on this highly competitive (but hard to gauge results) area–wellness programs. Most organizations, according to Ms Widup, aren’t even conscious that they are holding this information and need to specially protect it from intrusion, as “PHI is like gold for today’s cybercriminal.” Consistent with other authoritative tracking studies like Ponemon Institute’s and ID Experts’, the threat is from within: physical theft and loss, insider misuse and ‘miscellaneous’ account for 77... Continue Reading

TECS Project Manager finds Situation Wanted!

...available?’ section (above). It was our pleasure to do so (and also revive this section under Jobs.) Hannah has now written us advising that she has now started a new position with Tunstall Healthcare in their programme delivery team. Congratulations Hannah! And thank you for advising us. And if you are seeking a new situation, or have a position to fill, we are listing–free as a service to our industry. Please write Editor Donna. We will post both confidential and identity revealed contacts. Who’s hiring? mHabitat (UK) Who’s available? Industrial engineer with 20 years experience seeks Silver Economy company (Spain)... Continue Reading

The intent is good, the name–Hackfest–is unfortunate (Updated)

...invested in the 'hack' name for your company (The Hackitarians) but if your database, PHI or identity were one of the tens of millions hacked by a Chinese or Russian black hat hacker (and that is what they are called), I doubt you'd be so sanguine. From what I see, many if not most of those who would attend your events, and/or pay for them, are going to be over 30. You'll have to get used to our opinions even if somewhat less than hip. Gregg: Healthcare may be dysfunctional, but hacking and vulnerability to it makes it far worse.... Continue Reading

Hackers hit another Blue Cross, put 10.5 million members at risk (Breaking)

...yet been determined. Excellus joins fellow BCBS members Anthem [TTA 11 Feb], soon to be merging with Cigna, with 80 million; Premera Blue Cross [TTA 24 Mar] with 11 million, Care First with a ‘bag o’ shells’ 1.1. million [TTA 2 June]. The pattern has been such that the national Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) announced in July that it will offer all 106 million of its members identity protection starting next January. (Note for our mathematicians: Anthem has millions of non-BCBS members) Chinese hackers are suspected in the Anthem breach. FierceHealthPayer broke the story, in this Editor’s estimation,... Continue Reading

Extent, cost of health ID theft exposed in Wall Street Journal

...a healthcare equivalent of the FCBA, especially as healthcare organizations receive Federal funding. For healthcare providers, it would provide a bully incentive to tighten their security–as credit cards and banks did–because it would severely limit payment collections (the ‘hounding’) from the victims of fraudulent billing. How Identity Theft Sticks You With Hospital Bills Unfortunately the WSJ has chosen to paywall this article, but if you search on the title you can generally find the content either reprinted or in a WSJ preview. Previously in TTA: our many articles on hackermania, healthcare related identity theft (Harry Lime Lives!) and data security... Continue Reading

UCLA Health data breach may affect 4.5 million patients

...could have started as early as September 2014. Yet the UCLA Health statement equivocates: “At this time, there is no evidence that the attacker actually accessed or acquired individuals’ personal or medical information. Because UCLA Health cannot conclusively rule out the possibility that the attackers may have accessed this information, however, individuals whose information was stored on the affected parts of the network are in the process of being notified.” The usual remedy of a year of identity theft services is on offer, which seems to be the requisite Bandage for Breaches. Where is that ounce of prevention? Also FierceHealthIT.... Continue Reading

Breaking news confirmed: Bosch exiting healthcare and telehealth in US–UPDATED

...would likely have put them into an uncomfortable position in a Government bid. The fate of ViTel Net, owned by but marketing separately from Bosch via its own website and system identity (with no visible ties to the ownership) is unknown, but presumed to be independent. For those Grizzled Pioneers and others in the Telehealth Wars, it’s a mixture of regret in seeing a major player with a long history depart the scene (in Early Days, you had to admire the sheer scrappiness of Health Hero) and schadenfreude (see above re patents). We empathize with their employees and wish them... Continue Reading