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AskSARA goes mobile

...these. This column would be handy not only for the person but also for the carer/relative/worker if the self assessment was, as Cathy states, supported. As for keeping it up to date you can feed off the usual product places on the tinternet - atdementia, alvolution, ASDA, Tesco, Solon, JNE, NRS, B&Q, Tunstall, Tynetec, Philips, Possum, the rest of the DLF site (Living Made easy) etc etc. This takes time & effort. Local providers need to have input to the local service.All of this needs a person/s who understands the technology/services and can filter out the rubbish and the 'mis-titled'... Continue Reading

Birmingham’s Supporting People funding cuts to affect alarm users (UK)

...I do not understand why this is being proposed.As part of the Tunstall contract which uses Tunstall Response, why do they not transfer these connections over from Careline to Tunstall Response?? Whilst there will still be a monitoring charge, there can still be savings without the removal of the service.This should have been looked at in the original contract rather than running 2 similar services in parallel in Birmingham.Or could this be a marketing muse that will come out over the coming days with Tunstall offering to take these on so the service is not removed???!!!!??? Let us wait and... Continue Reading