TTA’s Week: where’s the tricorder and CVS-Aetna’s approval? Unaliwear loses its ‘muse’, company news from Medtronic, Welbeing, VA/Apple



A medical tricorder, once so close, fades into the distance as reality sets in. CVS-Aetna faces an unexpected hurdle. A PERS tech company loses its innovative muse. And plenty of company news!

News roundup: NeuroPace’s brain study, Welbeing’s Liverpool win, VA’s Apple talks, Medtronic’s diabetes move
Unaliwear’s model/muse, Joan Hall, passes at 85 (A remarkable woman)
Will there ever be a medical ‘tricorder’? (Not a race, but a search. Don’t miss David Doherty/3G Doctor’s 
CVS-Aetna merger closes, but hardly ‘rubber stamped’ in Federal court (There once was a judge who threw a spanner…)

Is there really hope that telehealth will finally be accepted by US doctors because they will actually be paid for it–and then pay vendors? And in No Surprise, Google exercises right of ownership, reorgs DeepMind Health into new division.

UK’s DeepMind loses Streams, health projects to Google Health (DeepMind UK staff, initiatives stay–for now)
The wind may finally be at the back of telehealth distribution and payment (US) (Real advances in Medicare reimbursement could not come sooner for emerging and struggling companies)

Babylon Health’s AI diagnostic efficacy challenged. CVS-Aetna’s merger out of the oven by Thanksgiving. And a win for TECS with Canary Care.

Is Babylon Health’s AI on par with a human diagnostician? Claim questioned in ‘The Lancet’. (What $100 million should be solving)
Comings and goings: CVS-Aetna finalizing, Anthem sued over merger, top changes at IBM Watson Health 
Canary Care re-emerges as Canary Care Global Ltd, confirms continued operations (A happier outcome)

Was Pepper’s Question Time a media stunt that overshadowed the larger discussion around robotic disruption? And we wind up the UK telehealth event year.

Upcoming UK telecare and telehealth events; SEHTA calls for Healthcare Business Awards nominees (Winding up the year)
A critical take on Pepper’s Parliament Question Time (UK) (Larger questions on robotics’ effect were missed)

A robot speaks to a Commons select committee and may be more lively than most of the MPs. The FCC backs telehealth with $100 million plus, a report on NIH’s massive ‘All of Us’ population health initiative, and MIT’s emotional support robots. 

Pepper pays a first-ever robot visit to Commons on the future of AI and robotics on education, older adult care (UK) (Is the US Congress next?)
Connected Health Conference highlights (so far): FCC’s $100 million telehealth pilot, NIH’s ‘All of Us’, MIT’s social robots integrating AI

DNA analysis goes food shopping to prevent Type 2 diabetes in the prone. Zimmer uses Apple Watch to monitor hip/knee replacement patients. A Code of Practice for IoT in UK. Plus NYeC’s Gala Awards, MedStartr’s latest challenge at AMIA, and our international company news roundup.

DNA-based personalized food choices to prevent Type 2 diabetes onset in test with Imperial College, London and Waitrose (UK) (Combining DNA testing with food shopping)
Apple Watch, Zimmer Biomet in clinical trial for monitoring hip and knee replacements (Potentially huge impact on outcomes)
News roundup: Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs, TytoCare’s CE Mark, ISfTeH’s 2019 conference calls for presentations, three Smart Ageing Prizes awarded (From Bilbao to Boston)
MedStartr Challenge at the AMIA Annual Symposium 5 November (Pick your companies!)
NYeC’s 2018 Gala & Awards on 27 November (US) (Mix with the top folk in NY healthcare)
UK sets forth a Code of Practice for secure IoT for connected devices and smart homes (Sound guidelines, but enforcement?)

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