Telecare Soapbox: 3millionlives Plan D: Money from councils and the NHS

After my (editor Steve’s) comment about ‘fairy dust’ (3millionlives: Plan B and Plan C) certain Telecare Aware readers asked where is my Plan D? It is not fully formed, but here’s the outline.

The key is to get the Department of Health (DH) to exert some monetary influence.

However, we know that in view of the savings the public sector is going to have to make over the next 5 years (£20 billion for the NHS alone) DH is not going to come up with any new funding…[read more] (more…)

Telecare Soapbox: The security of telecare confidential information

Guy Dewsbury, Managing Director of gdewsbury, which is a freelance specialist technology writing service and consultancy, takes a thoughtful look at data security in telecare call centres and asks a few pertinent questions.

Let me state at the off that there are some really great call centres that I have been privileged to work with and some others I have become acquainted with that deserve high praise.

That said, when you pick up the phone and speak to your bank, you feel protected… (more…)